Monday, August 19, 2013

New Beginnings

Wow!  I can't believe it has been so long since I have blogged.  I have decided to try my hand at it one more time.  To start over, I thought I would give an update on my life.

The Lord is so gracious!  He has blessed my family more than I can even begin to describe.  Here is my feeble attempt.

In June the Lord moved us to Tupelo, Mississippi.  I got a job teaching 5th grade Grammar and Literature. Bret got a job chairing the Bible department, teaching 9th-11th grade Bible and some pre-law classes.  We were able to get a wonderful rental home.  It is truly wonderful.  After living in apartments, town homes and even basements - thanks Mom and Dad Hooten, you guys were so generous to let us stay with you - we had forgotten how nice houses really were. There is so much space!!!!

The school year has started.  I am enjoying my classes.  I have sixty students rotating throughout my room during the day.  I am also coaching the 5th & 6th grade cheerleaders.  My husband is really enjoying his classes and students.  My children are adjusting well.  My dear son came up to me on the first day and said, "Mom!!  I made a new friend!  We have so much in common.  We like Pokemon, Mario Brothers, Pikmin, and so much more.  But...(with a small look of anxiety) its a ...girl."  I laughed and told him it was okay for him to have a girl as a friend.

Later that week, my dear daughter commented on how nice everyone was at the school, from the librarian to the students.  She couldn't be more right.  Teachers have been so accepting and generous.  They have offered to help my family and me in any way they possibly can.

I am overjoyed that they are adjusting so well.  I am very happy that my transition back into the Grammar classroom has happened seamlessly.

I am even more excited that we have found a church home.  We joined this past Sunday.  I am still getting to know people and it is my prayer that I will find some good friends here.  I have been blessed with some amazing friends in Birmingham and I miss them terribly.

And I cannot post this without commenting on my wonderful husband.  Today marks our 13th year of marriage.  I stand in awe of how God put us together, teaches us so much about who He is through our relationship with each other and through raising our children.  Fifteen years together total.  I am very much in love with the man that God has given me as a best friend, father to my children and spiritual leader in our home.

So overall, I have a great church, job and home.  I know trials will come and life will not always be so calm and smooth.  But I have assurance in my Savior.  I have joy in my life because of Him.  I have what really matters most - salvation from the wretched sinner that I am.  The above may change.  I have been uprooted enough and have experienced plenty of heartache to know that life can get hard.  I have been in situations that were not so wonderful.  But the constant in my life is knowing that I have a God that is in control.  I am thankful.  I am blessed.


Dollar General said...

I love it! And miss ya like crazy!

Cakes by Delilah said...

I miss you too!! So incredibly much!!